Rebecca Beauchemin - LAER Realty Partners Beauchemin & Assoc.

Who We Are

The Roar that Opens More Doors

Put a Lion to Work for You

Itís a jungle out there. Every weekend, aggressive buyers pounce on properties before youíve even had a chance, and sellers ferociously compete for attention, and sales. Sounds a little intimidating, right?

Not if youíve got a lion on your side. LAER Realty Partners. Weíre The Roar that Opens More Doors. Weíre one of the largest real estate firms in New England, and we didnít earn that position by being passive! Our agents are passionate about being the best at what they do, and passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. We arenít a firm for just any agent. Just dedicated, driven ones. And to keep our agents at the top of their game and our firm at the top of the industry, we provide the highest level of support, technology and training. With these tools, LAER Realty agents are able to move through the jungle with confidence, and provide the ultimate experience for our consumers.

King of the Jungle

Our agents are a special breed ó lions among kitty cats. Theyíve dedicated themselves to being the best at what they do Ė selling real estate. A percentage of their day is dedicated to learning new ways to become better at their craft, whether it be negotiating, marketing, or prospecting. Some firms require their agents be involved in short sale negotiating, recruiting other agents, and other tasks that take them away from the core business, real estate. We hire expert staff to handle short sales, mortgage financing, and other niche areas of the business so that our career professionals spend their valuable time doing what they do best, marketing and selling homes.

Roaring into the Market with a New Name

We started in 2000 with one office. Today, weíre one of the largest real estate firms in Massachusetts. We have 22 state of the art offices throughout New England ó and a new name!
For buyers, our expansive network of agents provides access to more properties and greater opportunity to find the home of your dreams. For sellers, LAERís network provides unrivalled exposure. When a seller lists their home with us, that listing is syndicated immediately to all of our agents who each have a sphere of influence of more than 200 clients each. Thatís exposure to more than 50,000 potential buyers in New England. For our agents, our dedication to being the best at what we do creates a unique opportunity to partner with more than 375 of the best agents in the world and to learn best practices from sister and brother agents across the LAER network who share the same passion for excellence.

Real Estate. Real Relationships.

Every home we sell is just the start of an on- going relationship with that customer. Searching for and selecting a dwelling is an intimate process that requires trust and agreement amongst all parties. Your Real Estate agent will be your partner long after the transaction closes. When you need information on local schools, communities, and events, itís your LAER agent who will be there to help you. When you work with an agent who understands and cherishes the long term relationship involved, it makes for a more enjoyable experience all around.

Fierce. Fearless. Driven to be the Best.

At LAER, we have a work ethic that guarantees success. We set goals for ourselves that seem unattainable, because we know that by stretching to meeting them we become better, stronger. Through technology, training and innovation, we are constantly fine-tuning and perfecting our skills. Our agents constantly raise the stands of excellent at our firm. But being the best isnít simply about achieving our own personal best. Itís about helping our clients achieve their dreams. We want to make a difference in the lives of all those we serve Ė our agents, staff and clients. We do that by being fierce in the market, fearless about our goals, and driven to be better today than we were yesterday in every respect.